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Premier League clubs announce £30 cap for away ticket prices

Posted: Wed 09 Mar 2016
A picture of away supporters at Newcastle United

Premier League clubs have today agreed that away fans will be able to attend Premier League matches for the next three seasons and pay no more than a maximum of £30 for tickets.

At their last meeting, on 4th February 2016, clubs unanimously agreed that more should be done to help away fans and, after consideration of a range of options, have now decided to introduce the new £30 maximum price for away tickets. This replaces the Away Supporters' Initiative as a single, League-wide recognition of the importance of away fans.

Cherries chairman Jeff Mostyn said, "As one of the Premier League's recently promoted clubs, we have found the impact of away fans one of the league's most remarkable features. 

"Our fans have been terrific in the way they have supported the team away from home, and visitors here have added to an already great atmosphere. 

"We appreciate how many hurdles away fans face when they travel and this cap is a great way to help them."
To read the Premier League's press release in it's entirety, please click here.