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Inside Story: Brandon Goodship on his return after 18-months out injured

Posted: Thu 28 Jan 2016

It's been such a long 18-months, but it's just unbelievable to be back playing and doing what I love.

Last season we were playing a pre-season game and everything was going OK. But I suddenly felt my knee go and had to go off.

The initial reaction was I'd be out for six to eight weeks which was bad at the time, so I went for my operation nervous, but convinced I'd be back by then.

But after the op, there were complications in the knee, I had some joint inflammation so I went to get that checked and was told it would be a lot longer to recover. I didn’t expect it to be 18-months out of the game.

It's devastating, particularly as a young player, to be out for so long, but I never wanted to give up. It was nearly two years and you have good days and bad days, but I was always determined to come back stronger.

I didn't want to give up not just for myself, but for my family and friends who got me through it. The medical team at the club were also so good with me during my lay off so I can't thank my friends, family and the medical team enough for helping me get through such a tough time.

We're a close knit team, I'm really close with Harry Cornick and Baily Cargill in particular, and the gaffer Stephen Purches was so good to me too.

He had a similar scenario towards the back end of his career when he injured for a long time, so he knew what I was going through and was only ever a phone call away.

It really was a tough experience but now I feel 100 per cent better and feel confident again. It was my third game back involved earlier in the week against Gillingham and I’m definitely taking the final goal as my own!

But being back on the pitch makes all those days going swimming to recover worth it, although I’ve become a decent swimmer now after spending every night in the pool trying to get myself fitter!

Hopefully I can kick on now, put everything behind me and keep playing and improving.