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Inside Story: Afobe on his supportive family, his Congolese dance celebration and hotel life

Posted: Sun 06 Mar 2016
Adobe Inside Story

It’s been a good week for us, but I admit it didn't start so well for me as I was disappointed with how I played personally on Saturday, and I beat myself up about quite a bit over the weekend.

My dad also gave me a talking to – but in a positive way. He is my biggest critic and he wants me to do well.  
I am really lucky to have such a supportive family, who come and watch me at every game – they are even making the trek to Newcastle this weekend! I could count on one hand how many times my dad has missed one of my games and he has been watching me since I was six.
They were, of course, here on Tuesday night along with my older sister and her boyfriend. I also have a younger brother and sister, but they couldn’t be here on Tuesday because they had school. They watched it on TV before going to bed - my brother told me he even did a knee slide at home when I scored!
I had told myself I had to put Saturday’s performance right on Tuesday night and I felt I played better and I was obviously delighted with the win. It was the ideal performance for the defenders and attackers, by getting another clean sheet, but this time the goals too.
A few people have asked me what mine and Max’s celebration was about and there’s a bit of a story behind that!
I went to his hotel room the night before the Watford game and and he was playing Congolese music. I asked him why he was playing it as he isn’t even Congolese, but he just said that he liked it. I said he didn’t know about it and he said he did, and then started dancing to prove he did!
He then said that if either of us score, we had to do it. I agreed but in my head thought 'no chance', and I never thought I would but when he started doing it I just had to join in! It’s such an incredible feeling scoring a goal at any level, especially in the Premier League, the emotions mean you don’t even think about what you are doing!
I have got on really well with Max since he has come back. He always talks to me about playing for Congo – I think he wants to play against me in the African Cup of Nations or something!
He talks to me a lot about Didier Drogba and his performance. He tells me about how Drogba became one of the best strikers in the Premier League. For example, we were talking about ice baths and I said I hate them, and he said how Drogba swore by them and how he did that, along with other stuff.
I am still living in the Hilton hotel down here, which I am quite enjoying to be honest! You get your own cleaner, you get your bed made and the food here is great. The chef is also brilliant to me, if I ever want anything they make me anything at any time so I’m very grateful.
My girlfriend always asks me if I am bored but I quite like my own space and company. I love a TV box set too! I’m currently watching American Crime Story, which is really good.
Don’t worry though, I don’t plan on staying here forever! I have got an apartment but it is currently being done up and I will move in in the summer. It’s my first few months in the Premier League, so I wanted to make sure my focus was on football alone, and I can then focus on moving in properly in the summer.
On Wednesday we had a day off, and all I did was go to the gym and went to the dry cleaners – so glamorous! I am quite a chilled person so I like just keeping myself to myself.
I also did an interview with Football Focus there on Thursday afternoon, which will be shown on this Saturday’s show and that was fun.
It was with Clem (Mark Clemmit) and it was a comfortable interview and I enjoyed it – but they did make me do some acting at the beginning, so you’ll see some of that too!
We flew up to Newcastle earlier today, and I’m looking forward to playing at St James’ Park tomorrow because I have never played there before. I hear we have over 3,000 fans going too which is amazing.
I have been really lucky with how the fans have taken to me so far, sometimes when you come to a team in a higher league you can have pressure from the fans but I never had that here. From the start they’ve been behind me, and wherever we play, they’re behind the team. 

Even though they were really high at Sunderland, I could hear them throughout the game, and I am sure we will hear them again tomorrow so hopefully they will go home happy.
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