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Howe: Sunday will provide a good measure of our improvement

Posted: Thu 17 Mar 2016
Eddie Howe in training ahead of Tottenham

Eddie Howe believes AFC Bournemouth’s clash with Tottenham on Sunday will provide a good measure of how far his squad have come this season.

The Cherries found themselves on the wrong side of a 5-1 defeat back in October, and although the manager was impressed with Spurs he admits that his men weren’t at their best.

“Tottenham were very good on the day,” said Howe.

“I was really impressed with their work ethic and of course they have the ability to compliment that, so it’s a good mix.

“I have a lot of time for their manager as well, he’s done a very good job and put together a very young and exciting squad.

“From our point of view, the game will provide a good chance to see how far we’ve come and improved over the season.

“There is no feeling inside the camp that we are safe. There won’t be until it’s mathematical, and even then the work ethic doesn’t change: we’ll still want to win games. That continues on Sunday.”

Howe also took time to comment on the absence of any AFC Bournemouth players from the England national side’s latest team selection.

Charlie Daniels, Simon Francis and Andrew Surman had all been linked with a possible call up, though Roy Hodgson made the decision to leave all three out.

“I am not personally disappointed,” continued Howe.

“It means I get to keep the players with us and training with us, so from a personal point of view it’s not disappointing.

“For the players themselves, all they can continue to do is work hard and continue performing as they have been for us.

“They have been excellent so I am sure they would have been in Roy’s mind. It’s still not too late, there are still games to play and chances for them to impress.”
Cherries Player HD subscribers can now watch Eddie Howe's full pre-Tottenham press conference here.