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Behind the scenes: A tour of the AFC Bournemouth training pavilion

Posted: Thu 24 Mar 2016

While the players train in Dubai and others go away with their countries, we thought we'd take you behind the scenes at the AFC Bournemouth training complex.

In July, the new two-storey training complex was built alongside Vitality Stadium, known by staff at the club as The Pavilion.

The complex is something everyone at the club takes great pride in and last month, assistant manager Jason Tindall took Matchday around the training ground as shown in the pictures in our gallery.

Here is what Tindall had to say about the new facilities in Matchday prior to the Arsenal game.

Being in the Premier League, was it imperative to build the new training complex?

We had our base at the stadium before, it was good to change in the main changing room and be around the stadium as you get used to it.

We trained at Canford too, so we’d come here in the morning, drive to Canford and come back, so it’s better logistically for us.

Going into Premier League, it would be unusual if driving to training and being based at the stadium remained. We wanted to build a facility that was almost representative of where we were going. It gives us a bit more privacy too, which is a huge thing being in the Premier League.

It’s really progressed over the last year without a doubt, we’re trying to move forward with the time and find new ideas that can contribute to the small percentage that can potentially make the difference. So far it’s been alright!

Rumour has it you were influential in most of the design work…

Me and Eddie took on most of the design work behind it and things like that, although I’m going to take most of the credit for it!

A lot of Championship teams own their own facility with nice training pitches and it was a case of helping to attract players, the team training building is really important to them.

How much has it changed since you were a player?

Well when I was a player, we started off at Chapelgate, which was alright. We then moved to Canford private school which was nice at the time, for a League Two and One club it was a nice environment to be in.

But we felt we had to give the players the best possible chance this year and really make it a Premier League feel.

Everything’s changed, the technology is incredible particularly with recovery which we are big on.
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