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AFC Bournemouth's American investor Matt Hulsizer reveals investment is 'a dream come true'

Posted: Wed 27 Jan 2016

From left, Neill Blake, Matt Hulsizer, Maxim Demin and Jay Coppoletta. Credit to: The Digital South.

AFC Bournemouth's shareholder Matt Hulsizer revealed that 'it was a dream come true' to be able to invest in the club.

Hulsizer, CEO of Chicago-based investment company PEAK6, acquired a 25 per cent stake in the club back in October.

Speaking in his first ever interview as a Cherries shareholder, the American added that the opportunity to invest in the club was the 'perfect scenario.'

"It really is a dream come true for us to be part of this club’s success," Hulsizer explained.

"We’ve been interested in investing into football for a long time and with the club being promoted it was the perfect time.

"I watch every game on TV but my goal this year is to get here as often as I can, get to more games and be live here with the fans.

"AFC Bournemouth is America’s team and will be going forward. It’s a Cinderella story and Americans interested in football root for the club, it’s incredible. It’s a perfect fit for us being fans.

"The support at this club is growing being on TV every week, in America everybody has the availability to root for a different team without history of living in a town and things like that.

"AFC Bournemouth play the most exciting football which captivates the audience and we have the brightest manager in the Premier League.

"It really is the perfect scenario."

Hulsizer also spoke about his hopes for the future with the club, saying his ambition is to stay here for the long term.

He continued: "We bring additional funds and everybody wants that, they’re needed to be successful.

"I am ambitious and my partner Maxim is equally as ambitious. We really believe the club can go as far as it wants.

"We are going to be here for a long time, we’re really ambitious and want to continue the club’s success from the past few years."