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AFC Bournemouth tackle litter with teammates from Kings Park Academy

Posted: Thu 11 Feb 2016

Children from the Kings Park Academy teamed up with AFC Bournemouth and Bournemouth Borough Council to help clear up the litter around Vitality Stadium.

Pupils from the school were joined by Cherry Bear and representatives from the club as they set to work cleaning the area surrounding the stadium.

The pick-up took place as part of the Green Goals scheme, which was lunched back in August 2009, with the aim of making Bournemouth a cleaner, safer and greener place to live. 

Before the clean sweep took place, students were made aware of the possibilities of recycling and given information on how to discern recyclable waste from general rubbish.

As well as educating the next generation of Bournemouth residents, the event also provided a valuable service to the local area.

"There was a very positive feeling around this event,” commented AFC Bournemouth commercial assistant Ashton McClelland.

"It is important that we can harness and promote that feeling among young people in the local area. They are key in helping to achieve the Green Goals aim of making Bournemouth a cleaner and greener place to live.

"It is with great pride that we are able to use the power of football and the club's standing in the local community to achieve such aims."

This event took place as part of the 'Show The Love' campaign, which AFC Bournemouth backed at their recent Barclays Premier League match against Stoke City.