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AFC Bournemouth's Simon Francis visits school to support UK Safer Internet Day

Posted: Wed 10 Feb 2016

Simon Francis, Gary Barter and Steve Cuss with pupils from Kinson Primary School.

Image by: Bournemouth Echo

AFC Bournemouth's Simon Francis yesterday helped emphasise the importance of staying safe online to youngsters at Kinson Primary School, as part of UK Safer Internet Day 2016.

The Cherries defender made the visit as part of the annual day which sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Francis was on hand to assist AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust to deliver their Connect With Care lessons, which are sponsored by C4L, a partner of the club who specialise in data protection.

The 30-year-old said: "It’s been a real pleasure to visit Kinson Primary School today to see some of the good work that AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust and C4L are delivering youngsters in the area.

"It may be Safer Internet Day today, but better internet safety is an important skill that youngsters will use every day of their lives and, as a father myself, I think it is excellent that we are helping to keep them aware of the dangers they face online."

Gary Barter, head of marketing at C4L, added: “We have been supporting the trust to deliver Connect With Care sessions for three years now and are delighted that Safer Internet Day is helping to further increase awareness on this important subject. 

"As an Internet Service Provider, C4L recognise the responsibility we have to ensure it’s safe and proper use for all users, providing children with the knowledge to ask sensible questions and make the right choices is by far the most effective way to achieve this."

Steve Cuss, head of AFC Bournemouth's Community Sports Trust, continued: “It was great to have Simon alongside us and the lessons really had a great impact with him present.

"It is fantastic to get the support of the players despite their busy schedules and Simon was fantastic with the kids as always.

"It’s a unique programme and an extremely important issue, we're really passionate about the Connect with Care campaign."