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Supporters: End of season update on tickets and supporter matters

Posted: Fri 19 May 2017

With the end of the season fast approaching here's an look at matters concerning AFC Bournemouth supporters

Accessible stadia guidelines and resultant seat moves

There is a requirement for AFC Bournemouth to work towards implementation of these guidelines and as part of the club’s commitment, it is necessary to move a number of season ticket holders to accommodate raised viewing platforms.  

The process of informing the affected supporters has begun and will be completed by Friday. 

We have worked with an accessibility experienced architect, the Council’s building control and our Safety Advisory Group to identify suitable positions for these raised areas and consulted on certain aspects of the plans with our Accessible Focus Group.  

As part of this process the club has endeavoured to keep the number of season ticket seat moves to a minimum and as it stands a total of 64 season ticket holders are affected in the East and CORETX Main Stand.

Alternative seats have been initially allocated to those affected for the purposes of season ticket renewals and they will then have the first opportunity to be considered for seat moves once the initial sales period is over.  

In addition, those season ticket holders will be invited to the ground to view their allocated seat prior to the end of the initial sales period to see if they are happy with them or would prefer to look at moving to an alternative seat.

Full details of the club’s improvements to accessibility planned to be in place by the start of the new season, will be published in the coming weeks.

Season ticket renewals

Season ticket renewal forms should be dropping onto doorsteps over the next few days.

Please take advantage of the full sales period up to Monday 19th June and, if you haven’t used the ticketing website previously to book, this is a great opportunity to give it a go.

Renewal letters include a step-by-step guide to assist. If you have any issues at all with the process, just call or email our ticket office and they will be pleased to assist you with your renewal.

Engaging with new supporters

The club recognises that there is a challenge to engage with new young fans to secure our future support.  

Through the tickets for Junior Cherries initiative we have invited 321 Junior Cherries plus a parent/guardian to a game this season. These members had no priority points previously and were offered the unused front-row accessible seats and late returns.  

This scheme was first introduced at the end of September so the figures do not reflect a full season.

Our Junior Cherries membership numbers just under 2,500 currently and the majority of these young supporters have 1+ points. We plan to grow these figures further, so we will inevitably be playing catch-up to a degree.  

We have also had some really good events for Junior Cherries members which have given opportunities for many young fans to get close to the players for autographs and photos, and we will continue to find ways to keep that interaction between the club and its young supporters.  

In addition, our Community Trust delivers to around 2,500 young people each week and the Easter Soccer Schools saw the highest attendance recorded by the CST.  

The club offers the Trust a small number of tickets for each game and these also tend to be used for people who might not otherwise attend live football.  

Our Family Focus Group has been amazing this season and we have worked with them to improve the club’s offering to young fans and have specifically discussed engaging with those who don’t attend games, with some great ideas for our new website coming from the group.   

Overall there have been over 1,000 new home supporters who have gained their first point in the 2016/17, representing 10% of our home capacity. We will continue to develop ways and means to engage with our fans of the future and are always open to ideas from supporters in this respect.

Continuing updates

Thank you to supporters for the amazing support for the team shown at Vitality Stadium this season and we are looking forward to a good game against Leicester on Sunday.

There is as ever much to do over the close season and we will continue to keep these updates running until football is back at Vitality Stadium later this summer.

Please contact our supporter liaison officer Liz Finney with any fan comments or suggestions at