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Media View: Leicester City v AFC Bournemouth

Posted: Wed 17 May 2017

Inside track on the Foxes from Rob Tanner, a Leicester City correspondent

Ahead of Sunday's final game of the season, we caught up with Rob Tanner, football writer for the Leicester Mercury and author of 5000-1 The Leicester City Story.

To follow Rob on Twitter and keep up with the latest news from the Foxes, click here. How will this season be viewed by the Leicester City fans?

RT: It's been a very difficult season for the club, it was always going to be difficult to replicate what they achieved last season because it was such a unique season.

No-one was expecting the club to win the season but it's not been easy - and culminated in the departure of Claudio Ranieri.

It's been a story of two competitions; whereas in the Champions League it's been very positive it's proved much harder in the Premier League. That might be down to the Champions League being new and the focus being on that.

If Leicester finish eighth, and having reached the quarter-final of the Champions League, every Leicester fan would have taken that at the start of the season.
Media View 615 I Craig Shakespeare has ended the campaign in charge, what will be next for him?

RT: I think he'll be given the job, he's having a meeting with owners next week after the Bournemouth game to discuss his future so we'll soon see.

He's picked up seven wins from 11 games, he couldn't have done much more and has guided the side away from relegation trouble. What does the future hold for the Foxes' big-name players?

RT: We'll see, there' a lot of speculation regarding the big players. Rihad Mahrez has fuelled speculation with an interview where he said initially he wanted to leave last summer but is happy now - though wants to play Champions League football every year and win big trophies.

Likewise, Kasper Schmeichel has got a taste for European football and is probably the only player who's enhanced his reputation this season. I an imagine with a few goalkeeping changes at other clubs that he might be someone who was spoken about.

Just because other clubs come in for players doesn't mean that they're going to go, however. Leicester don't need the money though it will be hard for them to keep all their players. By and large I think they'll keep the majority of their players into next season.
Media View 615 II How important is this final game of the season for the club?

RT: The difference between eighth and 16th - the highest and lowest Leicester could finish - is £16.8m, which could be the equivalent of another signing.

That means the final game could be quite important, and they have a proud record at the King Power Stadium, so will want to finish on a high and carry some momentum into next season.

There may not be a massive amount riding on it for either club but I still don't think Leicester will have their flip-flops on; they'll be going out to win the game.