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AFC Bournemouth Academy and Harry Arter Football Academy announce link up

Posted: Tue 16 May 2017

Club's Academy forms agreement with Cherries midfielder's own football academy

AFC Bournemouth's Academy will work with the Harry Arter Football Academy as the two organisations announce their official link up.

The link is aimed at providing mutual benefits with the regards to recruitment and development of players in the Bournemouth area and beyond.

This will include both academies recommending suitable players and coaches to one another, with games between the two academies also potentially possible.

"I'm delighted," Harry Arter said of the deal. "To have two important parts of my life working together will be great, and I'm sure the agreement will help both parties."

The Harry Arter Academy was established in 2016 and works with boys and girls aged 16 years and under, with the Cherries player explaining more about his academy.

"It's a mixture of furthering development and giving the kids something to enjoy," he said.

"At that age, I don't think kids should feel worried, my academy is about players enjoying themselves and I really enjoy it too. We've got an excellent coaching team."