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Mitchell calls for neighbourhood watch

Posted: Fri 01 Mar 2013

Eddie Mitchell became Cherries chairman in the summer of 2009.

Image by: Mick Cunningham

AFC Bournemouth chairman Eddie Mitchell has called on residents living around the Goldsands Stadium to inform the club of any issues on matchdays.

Completion of the car park adjacent to the south end has coincided with a dramatic upturn in form for the Cherries.

And with Bournemouth council's five park's policy restricting the number of parking bays on the site, it is expected that the recent rise in attendances could put pressure on street parking surrounding the stadium.

"Residents should please inform the club of any unacceptable parking and we will draw attention to those responsible," Mitchell told

"We are delighted with the new parking area and now that it is almost finished and the landscaping is in, I think it looks great and will serve as a great asset to the club, especially on matchdays."

With AFC Bournemouth at the heart of Kings Park for over 100 years, Mitchell insists the club can co-exist with the local neighbourhood.

"The football club has long been a part of this community and I want to makes sure we can all live in harmony."

"I urge all supporters home and away to respect our neighbours and avoid parking in undesignated areas."