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Howe pleased with near perfection

Posted: Sun 03 Feb 2013
Author: Mick Cunningham

Eddie Howe shows his appreciation

Image by: Mick Cunningham

Cherries boss Eddie Howe was delighted with the professional manner of the 3-0 win at MK Dons and also praised the officials for their handling of a volatile situation.

The Cherries had a clear game plan that was executed to perfection, and the only slight fault that the Howe could find was that the margin was only three.
“We expected them to have a lot of possession and that was part of our game plan," Howe told “The way we soaked up that pressure and hit them on the break was excellent.
“All in all it was the perfect away game. We played well, scored some good goals at good times and as always the supporters were excellent and more than played their part.
“If we wanted to nitpick, then maybe we were disappointed to score only three. It could have been and should have been more.
“On another day we could have scored five or six, but I can’t moan about that and was pleased to score three and get the points.”
The main talking point post match should have been the emphatic victory, but unfortunately the game was marred by a dreadful lunge by Ryan Lowe.
The MK Dons player came out after the game to apologise, but Howe felt that he should have gone straight to Tommy Elphick.
“I respect him for coming out and publicly apologising. That is no consolation to Tommy though and really it is Tommy that he should be apologising to.
“I thought the referee handled the situation very well. The key thing was he got him off the pitch as soon as possible. He had to do everything in his power to defuse the situation.
“It is the nature of the game that our boys want to protect Tommy, that’s the natural reaction. 
“Thankfully our lads managed to keep their cool because retaliation would have only played into their hands and full credit to the referee for dealing with the situation so well.”