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Club store set for summer expansion

Posted: Tue 22 Jan 2013
Author: Kelly Somers

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AFC Bournemouth have been granted planning permission for an extension to the Club Store.

The news comes following the club’s initial announcement about the proposed plans, which were displayed to the public in an exhibition last October.

Now official approval from the relevant authorities has been received, building work will commence in the summer, and this is something retail manager Barry Evans claims will transform the retail experience of supporters.

“It will make our overall image as a retail outlet as competitive as Championship, and possibly even some Premier league clubs,” he told

“The overall view of the shop from the outside will look really good and this can only help to promote bringing people in to the shop.

“It will enable us to increase offers, have greater stock availability, and more promotions, so things can only move forward.”

The changes will mean that the shop will extend both to the front and the side, adding valuable space inside whilst also improving the exterior image of the stadium.

And Evans explained that this will not only increase retail selling space but storage space behind the scenes too.

“There will be more linear footage available to us as a retail unit so we can look at increasing ranges – which we have already started doing.

“It will also enable us to have a form of a warehouse, and your shop floor is only as good as your warehouse because if you can’t get access to your stock in there easily, you can miss a sale."

The news also comes on the back of record profits for the store in 2012, with the store recording a 30% increase on the previous year.

This, Evans explained, only makes the news of the approval of the plans  even better.

“Footfall is what it is all about so because the crowds have gone up recently, the sales have too and happier customers spend more time in the shop and buy merchandise.

“If the team are successful on the field, we want to be just as successful off the field. 

“As a result we are already streets ahead of last season’s total for this season so things are looking good and it really is a great time to build upon our success by carrying out the extension."