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Epic meal deal for Junior Cherries

Posted: Thu 01 Nov 2012
Author: Kelly Somers

One young supporter makes his voice heard at the Goldsands Stadium.

Image by: Seeker Sport

AFC Bournemouth is pleased to announce a new pre-match meal deal exclusive to all Junior Cherries.

Priced at just £2.50 per child, the meal will keep all Junior Cherries fuelled for the big match.
The offer includes a packet of McCoys crisps, a chocolate bar, a mini-juice or still water and a sausage roll or hot dog.
Our very own Cherry Bear can’t wait to get his hands on one at the next home match.
“As a loyal Cherries supporter, there is nothing more important than eating before the match to ensure you are ready to cheer on the boys”, he said.
“I am going to make sure I grab my meal deal before every home game to ensure I am able to sing my heart out from start to finish.”
Each Junior Cherry is entitled to one meal deal per match, and Junior Cherry member must be present a valid Junior Cherries membership card.
If you are not already signed up to the Junior Cherries, click here for an application form or email to request a form. 

Membership is just £6 and as well as exclusive events, Junior Cherries also receive huge discounts on tickets, discounts in the Club Store and all under-eights get free-entry to all home league games, plus lots more.