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Player appearance requests

Posted: Wed 01 Jul 2015

Please note, players will be unavailable for appearances between May and July 2017.

Only requests via the designated player appearance request form will be considered. Verbal, letter or email requests will not be taken into consideration. 

At least four weeks’ notice is required (exceptions will be made at the discretion of the club). 

New requests will always take priority over repeat requests. Visits should be an absolute maximum of an hour, with 30 minutes the preference.

Requests will be assessed according to strict player availability. No appearances will be granted as follows:

•    Before 2pm on a training day 
•    24 hours before a match 
•    24 hours following a game 
•    On travel days (day before away games) 
•    On Fridays, matchdays or Sundays

No player requests during international break

IMPORTANT: ALL Player requests are granted at the discretion of the management. Their decision is FINAL. 

Players cannot take part in any activities with risk of injury. 

Player appearances should complement the event, not form the main focus of it.

If your request is successful, contact with the event organiser will be made and a brief prepared regarding the purpose of the appearance to ensure the player is fully aware of his role. 

All player appearances are subject to change. If an event has to be rescheduled the club will try and attend the rearranged date. 

Failure to follow this policy will automatically mean your request is denied.