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My Life, My Career

My Life, My Career

Posted: Wed 01 Jul 2015

The ‘My’ Life and ‘My’ Career schemes helps give local school children a head start when planning their first steps on the career ladder.

Cherries midfielder Andrew Surman is an ambassador for the project run by AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust and supported by Teachers Building Society.

The initiatives form part of a range of programmes developed by Smart Development Solutions, who aim to deliver a quality programme which helps develop young people with links through sport.

The programmes will help schools provide quality careers information advice and guidance, preparing students for the work place. Other programmes also offered by Smart Development Solutions include ‘My’ Learning, ‘My’ Team, ‘My’ Interview and their newest programme ‘My’ Parenting.

“It’s great that students will be getting the best career advice possible,” head of the Community Sports Trust Steve Cuss said.

“I want to thank Teachers Building Society for getting behind the project and supporting young people in the community.

“I’m sure this will prove to be a life changing scheme for some of the pupils and I’m looking forward to more visits with Andrew as our ambassador.”

“As a former student of a local secondary school, I’m delighted to be supporting this initiative,” Teachers Building Society chief executive James Bawa added.

“I know only too well that the choices young people make in their teenage and early adult years will affect the rest of their lives, so we hope that these workshops will help and inspire the participants to choose wisely.”

For more information on any of the Community Sports Trust’s projects call 01202 726343 or email