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Connect With Care

Connect With Care

Posted: Wed 01 Jul 2015

AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust works together with CoreTX to deliver internet safety initiative Connect With Care.

The scheme aims to educate pupils about potential dangers when using the internet when using their computers, smart phones and tablets.

To date dozens of sessions have been delivered by the Trust since the project’s launch a few years ago, which have proved to be invaluable for parents, pupils and teachers.

"It is a real privilege to go out into the community and see the good work the club does off the field," Cherries chairman Jeff Mostyn said after attending a session.

"The subject of internet safety is a very modern issue and the Community Sports Trust and CoreTX are delivering a project which ensures our children stay safe while using the internet.

"It is also fantastic to see the club working alongside a company like CoreTX, who value their social responsibilities highly."

CoreTX CEO Simon Mewett was delighted to see the project become a resounding success and looked forward to more pupils benefitting in the future.

"This scheme provides a crucial lesson in today’s educational system, which schools in the south are now benefiting from," he said.

"By collaborating on this project with AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust, it means the children learn the important lessons through interactive games and Q&A sessions.

"CoreTX’s reason and level of involvement is to demonstrate that we take our responsibility as internet service providers seriously to ensure internet users as young as these know how to keep themselves safe." 

For more information on the Connect With Care project, please contact Steve Cuss on 01202 726342 or e-mail