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Care South

Care South

Posted: Wed 01 Jul 2015

Care South delivers two projects in association with AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust, with Marc Pugh also signed up as a player ambassador.

Pugh, who is a fans’ favourite at Vitality Stadium after five seasons with the club, has visited residents to mark becoming the ambassador one of the Trust’s latest schemes.

Activities will include meeting players, coffee mornings, visits to Vitality Stadium, matchday hospitality, walking football and the Extra Time scheme.

Walking football is a slower paced version of the sport and can provide valuable rehabilitation for those recovering from an illness or injury, while Extra Time will give Care South residents the chance to socialise with others and take part in a variety of activities.

The projects are designed to improve physical and emotional health, fitness and wellbeing, as well as promoting social interaction.

Extra Time will also be available to people living in the community, who will be invited to take part in activities run by the Trust.

“Most people associate the work the Trust does with young people, but, as a family club, our aim is to engage with people of all ages and abilities across the local area,” head of the Community Sports Trust Steve Cuss said.

“Both the walking football and Extra Time schemes are good examples of the initiatives the Trust runs which benefit adults. Extra Time will also help bring families together, which is particularly important.”

“We are delighted to be in partnership with AFC Bournemouth’s Community Sports Trust,” chief executive of Care South Susan Willoughby added.

“Our staff work hard to ensure our residents enjoy a wide variety of activities, and we’re all looking forward to working closely with Steve and his team.”

As well as having care homes and home care in Dorset, Care South has care homes in north Devon, Somerset, and West Sussex and home care offices covering Bath and north east Somerset, and south Somerset.

For more information on the Extra Time and walking football projects, please contact Steve Cuss on 01202 726342 or e-mail